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The Digital Transformation is the central factors that is changing ways of thinking and working in business. For business leaders, the issue of digital transformation has become a matter of concern because... it implies conceptual changes that are not easy to assimilate and implement.​​

The digital transformation is a process of reinvention in companies to obtain profits. That process is governed by a fundamental change: creating the appropriate framework for the governance of information; that is, to create the necessary mechanisms to collect, organize and analyze information.


That information must be transformed into data... whose analysis will determine the changes to be made in the company.

The Focal Point for Enterprise Content Management Companies!

Digital transformation is a process that requires objectives, strategies, technological tools and time…  However, in practice, there are ways to make the process more user-friendly… And the way to do it is starting with the basics, that is, prepare the ground for the design of your digital transformation project...


The first step is determined by the implementation of the necessary technology for the digitization of information... because information on paper has no place in the world of digital transformation...


In this way, without the right technology, no digital transformation project would be viable...

Content Management and Digital Transformation companies...

The challenge of the unknown future is more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past!


Digital transformation is not limited to turning paper into an image. This process has a name and it is called digitization. In the world of Enterprise Content Management, the digital transformation goes beyond the transition from paper document management to a fully electronic one.


Many Enterprise Content Management companies have must face the uncomfortable situation of not being able to give a satisfactory answer to their customers when they are presented with common problems... that they don't know how to solve.


Therefore, to update, some changes are implemented that must be led by Enterprise Content Management companies.

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What is that they call Digital Transformation?

Some examples…


  • It is time to say goodbye to the paper forms, filled out by hand or printed for your signature. They must be replaced by electronic formats.

  • The processes in the companies must be executed out of paper(images only), with electronic signatures and automated the flow of information through the workflows.

  • In many cases, when faced with processing of electronic bills, the companies they don't know how to handle it.

  • Know how and where you can consult the information. Learn about the process for applying for images of documents of the file or… how to see the digital documents who came through e-mail.

  • Storage control and the versions of the electronic files (word processors, spreadsheets, PDF files, etc.).

  • Incorporation of new technologies (RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) to simplify repetitive processes such as form filling, data-based decisions, information distribution, etc.

The world is changing and so are customers...Events that we considered highly unlikely are taking place, imperceptible to our forecasts and with a high impact on the market. The great challenge is to accept that everything has changed; customers changed their needs and became much more demanding.

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Analysis of data

Things don't change; we change! Let us accompany you in the transition…

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