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GA Technologies offers you NIMBUS, your cloud storage service, which allows you to store your information and access it through an Internet connection.



  • It is a virtual storage model distributed in different servers connected through the Internet, which allows you to store unlimited amounts of files without affecting the operation of your servers.


  • Store files of any size and in any format, including images, audio, video, and multimedia.


  • Flexibility to increase or decrease disk space and no limits or charges for the amount of information transmitted to or from the server.


  • Data and image migration service from the client's server.

  • The customer does not need IT staff to manage the data, and there is no need for hardware or software upgrades.


  • You will not have to worry about failures, extreme damage or theft of your computer, because the information is protected in the Cloud. Neither because of a hacker attack or a virus because your data will be safe in our data centers.


  • And if it combines NIMBUS with AIRE scav You will have the perfect tool to manage information with the security, versatility and advantages offered by AIRE scav. You will not have to upload the information to the cloud because this is an automatic process; and you will not have to worry about carrying out periodic information backup processes.

“Change is the result of insurmountable market pressure.”

The Cloud and the advantages it offers...




At the start of the pandemic The Cloud made an unexpected and invaluable contribution to the business world: it changed work patterns and allowed companies to continue operating despite the restrictions, because it became the vehicle through which… the telecommuting.


But the scope of the change that it brought about was transformed into a structural change in the way we organize ourselves, market products and work... and the common denominator of all these changes is the intensive use of digital skills.




The cloud has two fundamental characteristics:


  • Mobility:  The data that is uploaded to the cloud can be managed from anywhere and at any time just by having an internet connection; access is done not only from computers, but also from any mobile device such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.


  • Unlimited capacity: When uploading data to the cloud there are no capacity limits. As users add more files, only increase space on their servers.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology... is equivalent to magic."

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