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(Online Storage)

AOL (Online Storage) is a system application AIRE Scav specially designed for the warehouse administration documentation and control of information management(Record Management). The application allows you to use all the functionalities of AIRE Scav, such as the design of catalogs, workflows, etc.

AOL Allows You to Manage, Control and Automate


This tool allows you to automate the administration of three fundamental elements:

The warehouses…


By creating all spaces in a three-dimensional space, it allows you to manage warehouses based on their location and the location of the different units (boxes, folders, documents, tapes, etc.).

The clients…


Allows you to manage the information of each client depending on the type of units, such as boxes, folders, files, documents, tapes and magnetic tapes, among others.


The processes…


Control the entire process of payroll of the units, the requests to be carried out and the final disposition of the units (destruction), including additional processes such as digitization, transportation, room consultations, etc.

All the elements of the system AIRE Scav (catalogs, forms, workflows, etc.) are customizable by users; this makes it a very easy system to administer and change over time…as organizational, legislative or technological changes occur.


“It is an economy of ideas… in which physical products are no longer sold, but a way of doing things.”


The Online Storage (AOL)for the Documentary Warehouse Administration fulfills several functions:


  • Allows customers consult online(via Web) the catalog (table) containing the inventory of your boxes and files.


  • It allows make requests of boxes, folders or images of documents.


  • It allows request boxes new (empty)


  • Lets do order tracking through a workflow.


  • All requests can be attended from any office, regardless of your location or the country you are in, simply by updating the workflow.


  • It allows transcribe the data of the new units, print their labels and request their removal.


  • The system allows the execution of all the functions using different types of mobile devices(Tablets, Smartphones and PDAs).


  • The application controls devices for reading barcodes (PDA).


  • Reading devices can print receipts withdrawal once the labels printed from the application have been read.


  • The system supports the use of RFID tags for the automatic control of the location of the units.


  • It allows parameterized management indicators.


  • Generates tables with all the information on quantities and types of service, to be used by the billing app.

“All technology tends to create a new human environment.”

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