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SMEs are the fundamental elementS on which the Latin American economy is built... and they represent more than 95% of the productive actors of the continent. However, despite generating more than 60% of formal jobs, its productivity is low.


According to ECLAC, SMEs in Latin America form a very heterogeneous group due to discrepancies in their ability to access markets, technologies and human capital, factors that affect their productivity, export capacity and growth potential.

SMEs… a shared problem


SMEs face a problem that is the common denominator in most of them... and that problem is access to technology. This is a reality that directly affects your productivity because, in order to interact in today's world, access to technology is essential.


That is the reason why GA Technologies has created a solution specially designed for SMEs…


SMEs offers you…


Six (6) Predefined Solutions ready to go,

hose design is based on the main needs of SMEs.


Your company will have the best technology to work in the cloud

because the SME work tool is the AIRE scav software…


You can automate your work processes and control them with workflows…


SMEs allows you to have total independence to work from anywhere

place and at any time.


SMEs will allow you to find the information you need... when you need it...

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6 predefined solutions...
ready to use

“A great plan can always be amended, but a small one can never be expanded. 

When the plans are big… you can face a situation that we cannot foresee now.”


SMEs is the quick and efficient response to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is equipped with 6 Predefined Solutions designed especially for SMEs… and they are ready to go because his work tool is AIRE scav, a powerful software that allows you to automate information and your work processes


The life of companies revolves mainly around the control of payments what they should do of the billing to his clients; of the correct information that profiles your customers (CRM);the quality of care offered to them; of mail traffic; of the management of HR; and of the digitizationof your documents.


​Thinking of facilitating the execution and control of these tasks, in SMEs six specific solutions were designed and each of them allows controlling the tasks involved in the different processes.


SMEs are specially designed for small and medium-sized companies and has all the functionalities of AIRE scav, the software for Enterprise Content Management.


What does SME offer you?


  • It allows you to centralize all the information… regardless of its format.


  • It is a powerful tool for management control...  The user can create custom reports (documents, flows, etc.).


  • Its Audit Module is an effective tool to monitor information security.


  • Allows you to digitize your documents with the creation of text capture templates using OCR...


  • Management of multiple indexing fields, use of validation lists, free text search and metadata in an integrated and coherent way.


  • Email included in the application; extraction of metadata from your emails; initiation of workflows by user-defined rules, etc.


  • Documentary alerts via email; management of Documentary Retention Tables (TRD); Electronic signature, etc.


  • And many other features...

SMEs is the perfect solution to access technology and simplify work with your

Ready-to-use solutions…

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SMEs and their components
Is your company ready to take on the challenge of Digital Transformation?
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“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”

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