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GA Technologies and our Business Partners can advise Enterprise Content Management Companies to bring them closer to their digital transformation process… For this, we provide the necessary technological tools to start the process that this implies…


The digital transformation process involves the analysis of information to turn it into strategic data… and that is only possible using the necessary technological tools to locate, extract, analyse, contextualize and interpret data that will allow you to make the right decisions.


We are a fully automated organization

As your Technological Ally, we put our experience at your disposal to advise you on the new technologies that continually appear in the market, responding to your requirements and those of your clients, with the same ease of access that you would have with your system departament.


In this way, GA Technologies makes available to its Commercial Allies:


  • The AIRE scav system, a complete ECM (Enterprise Content Manager) suite… and we show you how to use it.


  • We develop for the Commercial Partner all the particular applications that your customers need… integrated into the ECM solution.


  • Our experience as specialists in data migration.


  • Commercial Accompaniment which includes Pre-Sales support and customer support Marketing and Advertising Department.


  • Co-Branding: We offer you the possibility of use your own brand in AIRE scav.


  • A complete Training and Certification Program, which includes the technical, commercial and specific tools that make certain tasks easier.


  • Video Platform with Tutorials and Demos and thee-Learning platform.


  • presence in Social Media.


These are some of the benefits perceived by the Commercial Ally, which include others such as Licensing, the Cloud and customer protection.

Without big data analysis, companies are blind and deaf...!


Making decisions is not easy. However, circumstances force us to face changes… The pandemic accelerated a process that was supposed to be assumed slowly but reality is forcing us to face this situation… and to respond to the initiatives of the competition.


The essence of the change process is: eliminate the use of paper; use technology for the selection and analysis of information; process automation; and… work in the cloud.


One way to do this is to run it in stages; transform processes little by little... until you reach a complete digital transformation. In this way, several phases can be established for its execution:


  • Determine what technological changes are required.


  • Fight against resistance to change:  accustom staff to use technological tools and work in an automated manner.


  • Define the objectives that you want to achieve with a digital transformation.

As your Technological Ally we offer you two tools that are complete and technologically up-to-date.

AIRE scav will be your ally automation process of information in your company...

NIMBUS will be the tool that will facilitate the rapid cloud access.


These are the essential tools that will enable you to take a big step towards your digital transformation…


The instruments for change are there…You just need to make the decision to change.

It always seems impossible... until it is done!

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