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One of the advantages of being part of our Business Partners Network is being able to participate in a fast growing market and with a future secured by using new technologies, both for the commercialization of specialized products, such as in the creation of Solutions Enterprise Content Manager.


We have a Commercial Alliances Program more than 25 years in operation, which has allowed us to form work teams that are empathetic and successful. The program has been extended to consolidate our presence in more than 20 countries in Hispanic America.

The Enterprise Content Management Companies that make up our network of Commercial Allies, are specialized in the creation of Enterprise Content Management Solutions and they have certified and trained personnel for the execution of projects. In this way, the "Commercial Alliances Program" instructs and trains these experts in Enterprise Content Management to present, create and implement the various solutions for information management.


Commercial Allies have a solution for each problem...

No matter what economic sector your client belongs to, in GA Technologies, solutions have been developed for almost all types of businesses. If you are not sure which is the most appropriate solution for your client, our Support team will present you the alternatives to solve the problem... or they will design the solution that is most convenient for the situation.


Business Partners have the support of the "Training Program"...


The "Training Program" for Trade Partners covers various instruments for their training, such as the case of courses, Certifications, Consulting… and the ease of E-Learning Platform


Contact us… and you will be surprised!

“If you want to go slow, go alone; If you want to go fast, go accompanied.”


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GA Technologies has a Training Program specially designed for Commercial Allies. The program provides the necessary knowledge to design and develop Enterprise Content Management Solutions.


The program also offers the Certifications that will allow Commercial Partners to acquire the essential knowledge for the development of Solutions, such as:


  • Technical knowledge to offer the services.

  • Certification at the level of Instructort o teach AIRE System courses.

  • Certification at the level of Adviser that qualifies him to carry out consultancies for the implementation of AIRE Solutions.


The Training program offers the following certifications:

“Teamwork is the secret that makes ordinary people
get extraordinary results.”


The Commercial Alliances Program de GA Technologies offers a series of advantages for our Commercial Partners, among which are the following:




GA Technologies has seven Regional Offices:


  • Corporate office based in Orlando, Florida: United States

  • Central America based in Guatemala: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

  • Southern Cone based in Buenos Aires: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

  • Mexico based in Mexico City, Mexico.

  • Iberia based in Madrid, Spain; and Portugal.

  • Andean region based in Bogotá: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

  • Venezuela and the Caribbean based in Caracas: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.




The Program is designed to offer you assistance in the following aspects:


  • Commercial Accompaniment: 

    • Pre-Sale Support (Presentation, Access to Platform to Reserve; Information Gathering; Preparation of Proposal and Project Budget Estimates; Presentation of the Proposal ; Close).

    • Marketing Support (Lead Assignment; Licenses; Cloud Space; Events and Fairs; Small Data of preferences, etc.).


  • Presence in Social Media.

  • Training and Certifications.

  • Platform with Tutorials and Demos of Functions.

  • Customization of the Software with your Brand and Identity (design your own Menu).

  • Marketing Scheme.

  • Discharge.

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