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The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) of AIRE scav

The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) of AIRE scav is a powerful tool that will allow you to automate manual tasks and solve any particular requirement that your solution needs.


It is configured by workflows, with two types of seasons as its protagonists:


  • Smart station

  • Process Station


The Smart Station:


It is a station that can perform a variety of tasks: Read a catalog field; evaluate a field based on a formula and make a decision; replace information in the fields; consult another catalog and based on the response fill in information, etc. If the data is available, then the system,  by asking questions, can get the job done.


Process Station:


The process station is in itself...a computer program. 


The program develops according to parameters and can perform operations on multiple catalogs of AIRE scav… and even have access to the databases of other programs through web services.


Thanks to the use of the entire platform AIRE for creation, administration of catalogs and reports, development times are extraordinarily fast and in a matter of days it can be made.

The advantages of Robotics Process Automation (RPA...)

  • Reduce human intervention in the execution of certain tasks.


  • Remove the errors that are committed in the tasks that are executed.


  • The RPA assumes many of the tasks, actions and decisions that are done


  • Create complex workflows…


The RPA will allow you let your imagination run wild…to solve problems that previously seemed impossible to solve...

Solución RPA - Procesamiento
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